Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Berry Farms

A couple weekends ago my boys and I took a little trip to Marble Falls TX and visited Sweet Berry Farms with some friends.  It was a great day trip.  The boys had a great time picking strawberries.  We were able to eat a few as we picked strawberries.  It was my first time there and I would love to go back.  

We started the day with some donuts at a local donut store.

I just sat my camera down and snapped a pic. 

Ok, so the boys were tired but I wish they would have smiled.  I'm sure I'll look back on these and say "Yup, there's that face Coen would make".

 We visited a few stores while in Marble Falls.  The boys found some hula hoops leaning against the open door of a salon and started to hula.  The hula hoops in this picture are adult size and my boys rocked it.  It was lots of fun.  What a great idea.  I plan on buying a couple more hula hoops for the next birthday party that we have.

They really enjoyed their Coke.

Picture taken by Devan.

I found this last picture.  It looks like Devan found the camera.  If you look closely, you can read what the shoes say.  "I ♥ you."  I'm sure the words were not meant for Devan.;) Or did he write this on her shoes?  hmmm...I'll have to ask the stinker.

♥ Esther



I recently received the latest Crate and Barrel catalog and saw a pendant lamp that I would like to hang over my dining table. 

I can't decide if the white or the wheat one would look better.

I bought a white picture frame but one of the boys in this house broke it.  Ugh...Now I'm looking for something else that I can do with it.  I'm thinking of maybe buying some sheet metal and gluing some fabric onto it.  I could also just spray paint it with chalkboard paint or dry erase paint.