Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello Spring!

Coen must have been 2 here.

I absolutely love spring, don't you?
When I think of spring, I think of color all around.  I love color!  My clothes and my home are full of color.  It really makes me happy.  Today I spent the day thinking of ways I could update my home.  I had some fabric laying around and laid a piece on my dining room table, on my credenza and tied some around a glass vase.  This will hold me over for a little while.  It's a nice quick way to update my home.  Have you made any changes to your home recently?

I popped into my local Target and oh my!  There is so much I want to buy.  The shoes are fabulous, I wanted to buy at least four pair.  The clothes were smiling brightly and beconing me to come buy.  I did buy a pretty tunic.  I also saw some bedding I'm not too sure about for the boys bedroom.  Their room needs updating as well.  Actually, I added an art wall.  All I did was tie up a piece of rope and used small craft pins to hold up the art work.  I do not have pictures of any of my little updates.  That will be homework for a later post. 

I just wanted to say hello. 

I wish I could make up my mind on an area rug for my living room.  I thought I wanted a jute rug from Ikea but upon seeing it I changed my mind.  Who knows, I may go back and buy it later.    
The picture above is of Coen while we vacationed in Aspen a few years ago.  Isn't he cute?  Children grow up so fast. 

I should have warned you about this post sooner.  This post should have been titled "Random Thoughts".  Do you agree?

Have a fabulous day!