Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Painted Jars & Tags

I got the idea to make painted jars from Anthropologie.  I was in their store one day and saw a display on a table and loved it!  I had a friend that had a birthday coming up and thought I could make one for her and use it as the wrapping for her gift.  The picture above is the finished product.  It was so easy to make.  I decided to use two paint colors for the gift and I used three for the last two I made.  I loved the way they came out!  The colors mix and swirl together beautifully.  I may use them again for gifts. 

I have a collection of jars that I have a hard time trowing away.  Do you have the same problem?  I wish our city recycled them.  I decided to used pink, yellow, and blue acrylic paint. 
  1. I poured one color into the jar and swirled it around and let it drip down the sides. 
  2. Then, I poured another color and repeated step 1.
  3. And again with the third color.
  4. I then turned the jar upside down onto wax paper and let the paint drip to the end of the jar for a few minutes.
  5. Last, I let the jars sit upright overnight to dry and tada they were ready!

 In the last picture above, I made some tags by cutting scraps of paper and gluing onto the tag.  I changed my mind when I had left over acrylic paint from the jars.  I wasn't ready to throw it away so I painted the tags.  I love how the acrylic paint combined to make new pretty colors.  I now have a beautiful collection of tags to use for different occasions! :)

I now want to paint some sort of abstract painting.  I need to buy supplies for this next little project. 

I am no artist but I do come from a family who is.  My mother is a beautiful painter and so was my grandmother.

Grandmother's painting.

My mom's painting.

It's never too late to learn how to paint!


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