Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Family Outings

Last weekend my family and I spent the day in downtown Austin TX.  It was the weekend of SXSW.  It was lots of fun.  We did not have bracelets so we enjoyed some free music.  One of the first places we visited was Cheapo.  This is a used CD resale store that my husband and oldest son frequent often.  There was a band from Japan named the Zoobombs, a Japanese indie rock band.

Picture by Devan

Just down the block we saw Ryan DeSiato (now I'm not sure I'm spelling his name right.)playing his guitar.  Devan thought he was great.
Ryan DeSiato.  Pic by Devan.
On our way to our next stop and the whole reason for the outing we found this little fellow in front of a restaurant.

Don't pay any attention to the guy in the back.
Our next stop was Neon Trees.  Yes, Devan had been waiting all week to see them and was so excited.  They were playing right outside of Waterloo Records and 24 Diner.  24 Diner is a great restaurant by the way.  I love their food.  Especially their French Toast oh and their hamburgers are great also.  You just have to check it out for yourself.  It is delicious!!!  We had to wait a little while and of course the littlies had to have a potty break.  We walked to Whole Foods.  I just love that store.  It is just so lively there and of course the food samples are delicious.  The boys went away happy with some cups of ice cream.

Picture by Devan
Michael and Devan were up close and personal while the little ones and I enjoyed the concert from a bench in front of 24 Diner.  After a little while I found Coen with his face glued to the window looking into the restaurant.  That was embarrassing. :/ I hope he remembers not to do it again should the opportunity arise.  Then we just walked around and enjoyed the day.

The boys were a little tired by now.

I'm putting my photography class to use here.  Can you tell?

And here.  I should have gotten a little closer.
I tried to do a silhouette here.
My little monkeys.
I forgot to mention that I was able to get some girl time in.  I visited The Khazana.  This place had some great furniture.  I really liked this sofa I saw.  It was linen with turquoise piping.  It has some great character although I didn't see it on their website.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.  Just imagine it.  Maybe I'll go back and take a picture.



  1. Looks like such a fun day! And your photos look great... -L

  2. Esther you are doing awesome with the composition and artsy angles. ;)