Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arthouse & Mayfield Park and Preserve

Last weekend the boys and I visited the Arthouse, which has a Five by Seven 2011 exhibition going on, and the Mayfield Park and Preserve.  We had never been there before.  It was lots of fun.  Take a look.

Photo by Ethan.  He has a good eye, doesn't he?

Look at Coen's face. What's with the face my silly boy?

I love the sign!

Then we went to Sno-Beach.  They have the best snow cones, in Austin!  There is always a long line and it is worth the wait.  I always get a leche with cream.  It is oh so good!

Coen - My little comedian.

 I went back to Mayfield Park yesterday and got  these shots.

♥ Esther


  1. Great, great pictures Esther! You really need to spring for a new lens,,, it is TIME!