Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching up...

Mother's Day

My computer went out for a while and I have yet to post about Mother's Day.  It was sweet.  The boys took me out to a brunch at the Iron Cactus and it was delicious.  The boys loved it so much they want to eat there every weekend.  Ethan made me a domino M for Mother's Day and had me knock it down.  See...

I also made a strawberry tart to please my sweet tooth.  A recipe I found on Canelle et Vanille.

See the blue high chair in the back ground.  I finally got rid of it.  It is no longer in our home.  All the boys used it and I had a hard time letting it go.  So I took a picture of it and that will be a reminder.  I am a pretty good at getting rid of our things as we outgrow them but this for some reason lingered longer than anything else in my home.  So long, farewell, it's time to say adieu...

Coen's First Swimming Bday Party this Summer

Coen was invited to a swimming party.  I wish I could do one for my boys but I have a fall and two winter babies so I cannot.  I do plan on doing a half birthday party at the pool next year.  Back to my story...Coen did not want to swim.  We arrived at the YMCA with clothes on and swim trunks tucked away in a bag.  He wanted to play with his DS there and he wanted to take his hula hoop.  He was out of luck and I called him a boring kid for not participating.  Well after seeing all the fun he was missing out on he finally decided to join in the fun.  Thank goodness...


Kindergarten Celebration

My last baby has graduated from kindergarten.


Pinewood Derby

Ethan and dad made a car for his pinewood derby.  It wasn't very fast but it was fun to make and a pretty cool car.  It's the blue one.



I also found time to organize my closet finally.  I love looking in there to find a neatly organized clean closet.  It also motivates me to keep it that way.  I placed a rolled up magazine into my boots to keep them up right.  I love it.

Devan is out at camp this week and I plan on cleaning his room.  I will show you a picture of the mess later(maybe I shouldn't).
Oh and don't mind the full hamper.


Mexican Wedding Cookies

Have I mentioned that I love to bake.  I made some of my favorite cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies last weekend and they were so good.  The boys could not stop eating.  I think I ate most of them though.


End of Year Teacher's Gift

I made these fabric flower pencil bouquets for the teacher's end of year gifts.  I used this tutorial from Dana-made-it.  She used craft sticks and I used pencils.  I think it would be nice to have something pretty to look at while writing a note or grading papers.  I also changed up the base of the flower, instead of using felt I used the same fabric to give it a more uniform look.


Last Day of School, June 3, 2011
Coen's class picture on the last day of school.
 Devan's school had a talent show the last day of school.  Devan played his guitar while Izzy sang a song by Never Shout Never (Devan isn't here to tell me the name of the song.  I tell you later.)  They did a great job.  Boy was I a proud momma.  He played really well and Izzy has a great voice.  The pictures below are not very good due to lack of lighting.

 That is it in a nutshell.  I'll post more regularly so as not to "Catch up" again.


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