Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here it is...

Here is the new addition to our living room.  I'm trying to figure out what fabric to use reupholster with.  I also want to make it a little more comfortable.  I'm thinking a maybe a grey or oatmeal color will do and maybe add some buttons across the back.  I wonder if I could add a cushion down the bottom or if I should just use pillows to add comfort.  What do you think?

Here are some ideas.

via Crate and Barrel

via Crate and Barrel

I can't remember where I saw this. 

via Mpix

via Feel Inspired  via DV 

Doesn't this couch look comfy?  I think it's the pillows.


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  1. I LOVE the couch!! I also love the color!!!! Maybe it is not as good in real life. But if it looks like the photo, then I say keep it green. ;-)