Sunday, July 17, 2011

Splash day

I took the kids to Zilker Park to play but they did not want to play there.  They wanted to play in the water right by Barton Springs which is in the same area.  Baron Springs is a pool that is spring fed and is about 68 degrees year round.  The water was perfect for this hot summer weather. 

The boys like the dog in this picture.  He was sweet and friendly.

Barton Springs is on the other end of the fence.  There were lots of people out Friday afternoon.  We were there for a couple of ours and I didn't realize how hot it was until we got into the car.  I was burning up.  The water helped mask the heat.  The ground is full of rocks and my feet hurt walking on them.  I never was a child who could walk outside without shoes.  It's also slippery on the rocks so I need to remember my water shoes for next time.

We had this delicious treat that Michael brought us.

♥ Esther

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